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1st Rank Raju

1st Rank Raju Full Movie Download

1st Rank Raju

1st Rank Raju

Duration : 2 hrs 24 mins

Language: Kannada

Release Date: 2015

Votes :83%

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Movie Info :
Failure is the stepping stone to success but also, opportunity knocks only once. Does life give us another chance? 1st rank Raju is the story of a hardworking student. Rajus dad tells him that following the syllabus provided by the education system is the only way to success. So, he does only that and does not poke his nose into other things around him .He always stands first in class and is referred to as a role model to other students. Hence, he gets his name -1st Rank Raju. Over the years, Raju grows to be a young man with bookish knowledge, ignorant of practicalities of normal life. In other words, education is 100%; knowledge is 0%. Some people make fun of him but Raju moves on towards his goal of attaining a job in a cherished software company. All work and no play, makes Raju a dull boy. Will Raju succeed in meeting his goal?. If he doesnt, would life give him another chance? If he has to, how will he succeed in practical life with only bookish theory?. With complete dedication, submission to education, no recreation and very little emotion, will he reach his destination?
Sadhu Kokila, Achyuth Kumar, Jai Jagadish, Ananth Nag, Sudha Belawadi, Guru Nandan, Apoorva Gowda, Tanishka Kapoor
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