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Aatakkuntu Lekkakkilla

Aatakkuntu Lekkakkilla Full Movie Download

Aatakkuntu Lekkakkilla

Aatakkuntu Lekkakkilla

Duration : 2 hrs 04 mins

Language: Kannada

Release Date: 27 Sep, 2019

Votes :72%

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Movie Info :
Purushotam gets married to Meghana, but one night on their honeymoon she suddenly shouts in a male voice, saying Purushotam is not allowed to touch her. When this keeps occurring over time, Purushotam must find a way to stop this - but is it all in Meghana`s mind or is she really possessed by a spirit?
Achyuth Kumar, Rashmi, Kaddipudi Chandru, Mayuri Kyatari, Sanchari Vijay, Gowtam
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